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Asiana - Japanese Restaurant

This beautiful and spacious restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine curated by head chef Fukuda Takanori. Asiana introduces many delectable dishes such as wagyu beef, abalones, scallops, cods, and local Japanese wines like sake and whiskey. Diners can watch the chefs cook live, as they prepare grilled meat, sushi and sashimi with perfect precision and skills.

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La Casa - Italian Restaurant

With an open kitchen concept and a romantic atmosphere with soft lighting, talented Italian chef Francesco Conzattu skilfully mixed local organic ingredients with Italian imports to create authentic dishes such as Neapolitan pizza, and classic lasagna. The pastas are made fresh by hand, and the crunchy breads are oven baked fresh, to be accompanied by famous wines.

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Atlantis - Beach Seafood Restaurant

This blue themed restaurant makes you feel as if you are in the Mediterranean. Atlantis serves light fares such as salads, grilled meat and grilled fresh seafood. Guests can view the gorgeous beach while sipping a glass of premium wine and enjoy a delicious lobster dish.

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Alma Food Court

The Alma Food Court has 6 mobile counters, from the An Nam with authentic Vietnamese dishes, to the Burger House on wheels, to the Chicken ‘n Go fried counter, to the Three Scoops gelato, also including a French bakery and an espresso bar offering coffee, tea and fresh juice.

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Restaurants, Bars & Lounges

  • Alma Garden - All Day Dining
  • Alma Lounge - Afternoon Tea & Light Food
  • La Casa - Italian Restaurant
  • Asiana - Asian Restaurant
  • Alma Food Court - 6 counters
  • Atlantis - Beach Seafood Restaurant
  • Beach & Pool Bar
  • The American Bar

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